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Ms. Janine Reviews

Hi Janine,
You have such an impressive talent, & an impressive website! I just subscribed to your newsletter. It's wonderful singing with you in NWC, & so touching to watch you sign the songs.
Thank you for sharing your talent!
Best regards, Dorothy Mueller (March 25, 2015)
Ms Janine's songbook and CD has been a wonderful addition to our music collection. Our son, Joshua- 4 yrs old, listens to it daily and even brought it to his preschool for his show and share day. The music and follow along song book has improved his signing. We find ourselves humming or singing the fun and catchy songs long after the CD has been played.
Thanks Ms. Janine!
-Sandra, Ivana and Joshua Violette (Feburary 13, 2014)
PS- Joshua would really like for you to come to his preschool!!!   
I LOVE YOUR CD and SONGBOOK!!!!...best of all...the kids will LOVE this whole book!
Posted by Dot on January 17, 2014
I have heard rave reviews about you and your music from soooo many friends of mine! We are going to start going to your concerts in the park on Wednesday afternoons too.
Posted by Heather on October 20, 2013
Hi Janine,
Thank you again for playing at Brodie's birthday party, the parents have all mentioned to me how great and entertaining they thought you were! We gave Brodie a child size inexpensive guitar for his birthday later that afternoon and all week he has been saying he is Ms. Janine and singing songs and strumming the guitar, and he keeps playing the videos I took on my phone over and over and getting mad when the camera goes off you and onto the kids, he wants to watch you play.
Posted by Melanie on March 2, 2013
Want to give a shout out to Janine LaMendola. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and the lives of our children! Thanks Janine for your awesome talent and your always cheery disposition. We think Ms. Janine is AWESOME!! 

Posted by Sandbox Daycares on February 15, 2013
Thank you for coming to Wesley's party! Wesley is talking about you nonstop. You are amazing at what you do. Thanks again.
Posted by Stephanie Lynn on February 10, 2013
Dear Ms. Janine,
Thank you for coming to our school with your purple guitar. We had lots of fun singing and learning to sign with you.
Two of our favorite songs were "Catch a Falling Star" and "I Have Something in My Pocket". We all left the performance singing and signing.

You are GREAT Ms. Janine!
Love All of Us
Pre-K Students and Teachers
Bucks Hill Annex
Waterbury, CT
Posted by Pre-K Students and Teachers on May 24, 2012  
Great day today...Took everyone to the best coffee house in CT (Molten Java, Bethel) and saw the best children's singer, Janine LaMendola.
We had a fantastic time!!! It was a great show (both of them)! And, we were so happy to see you again, and that includes the boys. They couldn't wait to see you and you did not disappoint, in fact you shined. thanks so much!!
Posted by Ivana on February 26, 2012
I was there with my nephew for the entire show and couldn't even get close enough to say hello. We sang and danced from the hallway! Seanie loved your sing along today and can't wait to come back again!
You have such a huge following now. The place was so packed I couldn't believe it.
The new Molten Java is beautiful but definitely didn't maximize the space for u. You have no idea how many people were standing in both entrance ways throughout your performance. I was beaming with happiness over how much success you are having from all of your hard work over the years. So excited for the cd!
Posted by Carrie Delaney on February 26, 2012
I just wanted to tell you I've seen you in action and I cant believe your voice and the way the children flock to you. You have an amazing gift.
Posted by KD on March 22, 2009
My children attend Sandbox Daycare and absolutely LOVE it when you are there - Thursday mornings are full of excitement when they know you will be there, and they proudly show off their new signing words that night at dinner.
Posted by Carolyn on February 20, 2009
Hi Ms. Janine,
My son Bryce attends the Grassy Plain Y and always looks forward to Fridays so he can sing and sign with you. He's even taught his dad and I a few things. Thank you for giving him this great experience!
Posted by Robin on April 2, 2008
Janine, Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your music with the children yesterday. Their smiling faces and their little bottoms shaking.... that kinda said it all!
You are the GREATEST!
Posted by Kim on February 17, 2008
Ms. Janine, My daughter is enrolled at a Danbury daycare and she LOVES you. I think it is great what you are doing. There should be more of you in the world. Keep it up!!!
Posted by Karen aka Emily's Mom on August 12, 2007
Ms. Janine,
Ellen asked me to email you and let you know that she just gave your name out as the best music teacher around! However, we do not want you to leave us if the offers start pouring in!
Posted by Sonia from BJCC on June 12, 2007
Hi there! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! You are such an asset to our program. Hope you are well and enjoying the spring weather! Clara loved the bathtub song at school today. Her favorite is still Baby Bumblebee. She just loves to sing (although I'm sure she doesn't do it in class)and sings to us, her dolls and herself all the time. Thanks for helping her learn the love of music!
Posted by Gretchen From BJCC on March 27, 2007
Ms. Janine, I have decided that "name that tune" is one of those things that I truly look forward to! It should be an official part of class. Thanks for being the greatest music (and sign language) teacher ever! You make my Wednesdays fun and they fly because of you. You rock!

Posted by Sass on February 1, 2007
Hey there Ms. Janine! Last fridays cookout was a lot of fun. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better..... Here comes Ms. Janine with her guitar. The kids were in their glory!
Posted by Miss Kim on July 6, 2006
Ms Janine,
You are a wonderful asset to our program. I am such an advocate for music, as I feel music is a form of expressing deep and superficial emotions. I find your approach to music with signing a wonderful tool to further enrich children and adults with diversity and another form of communicating. What I find most fascinating is that the children really pick up and absorb the signs faster then they do written language. It seems as if their minds are equipped to adopt sign language more easily then spoken and written language.
With your musical skills, talent and signing, our center is truly lucky to have such a wonderful educator come in weekly to have fun, and to teach us about enjoying life through singing and signing. You are a prime example of someone making a difference in the world. See you next Wednesday!
Mr. Jim & The Preschoolers (July 13, 2005)
Ms. Janine - It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at our school. Thank you so much for your wonderful performances for the students. Your love of singing, signing and children is very evident in your work!
Posted by Karen at SHS on November 8, 2005
Janine, you've filled up our home with laughter and song and now you're filling up the world with the same. I'm so proud of you. I love you.
Posted by Ms. Janine's Mom on March 7, 2004
Ms. Janine is a talented guitarist with a beautiful voice. Both adults and children 
will really enjoy her perfomance.

Posted by Tom on August 3, 2003
You're doing a great job at the JCCS in Bridgeport! My daughter Danielle loves the music you teach.
Many thanks!
Posted by Linda Epstein on May 25, 2003
You really put together an excellent show for people of all ages. The children were so engaged in your performance. You are blessed!!!
Posted by Marc Huberman on January 28, 2003

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